Natural home remedies for Acne?

Natural home remedies for Acne?

I'm so over my acne. I have tried green tea masks, tea tree oil, every acne treatment under the sun. I think it's time to go natural!! 

I drink plenty of water, I don't pick at them and they are so painful some days... bloody pimples...

 If you want to cure your acne and keep it under control, forget about the "natural home remedies" as far as topical treatments are concerned, this is useless against what's going on with your skin. 

However, internally, you have to go to the root of the problem, this is where the homeopathy comes in. 
Drink plenty of water, exercise, take omega 3 fatty acids along with a good multivitamin and get lots of rest and sunlight. 

As for topical treatments, you have to use things which are strong enough to combat the infected pores. 
Use peroxide and rubbing alcohol on the bad ones. You must disinfect the pores. 
try going on birth control pills, only two are known to clear up skin, yaz and ortho tri cyclin. 

Get on a good three step regimen. Acne Response by Loreal is very good but you might only be able to find it now over the internet. 
Acne Free found in drug stores is a very good three step regimen also for about 20 bucks. 
The cleanser I think is too harsh and drying in my opinion. I think the best bet is to stick with ONE cleanser. Like Dove Sensitive skin bar soap. Use only that and nothing else. 
Pernox scrub for oily skin is also very good to use once a week for exfoliation. 
Also, Glycolic Acid peels are very good. You may find glycolic acid 100% for about 17 bucks over the internet. 
This is harsh, but fighting acne is about exfoliation and attacking the blemishes hard core. 
Nothing else will clear the infection up. 
Your goal is to have a "red face" reaction and burning. 
I know this sounds scary, but these are the only times I started clearing up, when the product I used penetrated my skin. 
It doesn't stay red, only for a few hours, then starts to dissipate. 
Good luck in finding your path to clear skin. It may be a hard journey, I know mine was.

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