Help with back (shoulder) acne & face acne and acne scars and blackheads?

Help with back (shoulder) acne & face acne and acne scars and blackheads?

I don't have really bad back (shoulder) acne but i am quite self conscious about it. I have the odd pimple but i have quite a lot of red scars is there anyway to get rid of the scars naturally? Either by eating certain foods or putting something 'natural' on my back? Also i used to have really bad acne on my face, but it's all gone now (I get the odd pimple but who doesn't?) but i was one of them people who kept squeezing and picking at my spots, and its resulted in quite a few red scars which i feel uncomfortable about. Is their anything that i can eat/drink or anything 'natural' i can put on my face to clear them? Now finally on the blackheads... I have TONS of blackheads, i have them on my nose, chin, top of my cheeks and in between my eyes brows/top of my forehead. Is their anything i can put on my face to clear them completely? Because i'm a 15 year old girl and with society these days people are so picky and they comment on EVERYTHING! I just want to feel comfortable in my skin. So please help me if you can. (Sorry it's so long) 
Use Bio oil, thats what I would recomend..put a litle bio oil on a cotton pad and dab over the scars after you wash your face. Then use your normal moisturiser for the rest of your face. You can google "get rid of acne scars" or something like that. Because i was watching something on the tv a program where people call in and ask stuff...and a woman called in about her daughter having a scar or something and she recomended a mask but i cant remember what was in the mask. But yeah there will be masks out there to help you. Honestly I dont think you can get rid of an acne scar, but you can fade them a little so its less noticeable <--- sorry about spelling. Also Change your pillowcase EVERYDAY...if the side your sleeping on has may be from the dust/dirt on your pillow. and to prevent acne scars in the future when you get a spot cause everyone gets spots. Dont pop your spot, just let it heal..if you pop it, the bacteria will spread and then more spots may form. 
But in the event of popping your spot. I think there is a product you can get that prevents your spot from scarring, but i cant remember the name of it. But there is a product, so just google it or something. But if you really what help with this because i'm not a professional, you should go to a beauty salon where they do facials and the people a qualified and ask them is there anything that will help you with the scars. For the pimples to come; do not scratch them or touch them...well try not to anyway. Drink plenty of water and eat apples :D...and just take good care of your skin...and if you dont already have lots of pillow cases, i recommend you getting like 3 or 4, cause then if you only have 2 you will have to keep washing them all the time, that way you can wash your pillow cases in a bunch, and change them everyday. GD LUCK...AND REMEMBER SKIN CARE ISNT JUST AN EXTERNAL THING ITS AN INTERNAL THING TOO...if you get what i mean :S

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