Natural Home-Remedies for Acne Scars!?

Natural Home-Remedies for Acne Scars!?

so i'm going to the beach soon, and i got this super cute bikini and i really want to wear it. the only thing i'm feeling self-conscious about is the fact that i have acne scars on my back. i've tried putting lemon juice on my back and leaving it there for 10-15 minutes (which is supposed to help lighten the scars), but it didn't do much. So my question is: Are there any other natural home-remedies that work really well for lightening/treating/getting rid of acne scars? 
Don't wash off the lemon juice, just leave it there. What worked to clear up my acne scars and pimples on my back was tanning in my backyard! My back is smooth and nice now. Also drink lots of water and eat lots of veggies and fruits! Limit your processed foods! Also, you can put lemon juice in your water to help with your complexion.
Common home remedies for acne scars are: 
- Eating a balanced and health diet devoid of excessive starch, sugar and fatty foods. 
- Hot fomentation to open pores and rinsing the skin with cold water after squeezing waste is an effective remedy. 
- Sun and air baths for the body are beneficial to the skin. 
- Healing packs of grated cucumber, orange peels, lemon peels are effective remedies when applied on affected areas. 
- A teaspoon of coriander juice mixed with a pinch of turmeric powder is also considered an effective remedy to treat acne scars naturally. 
- Intake of garlic as well as rubbing garlic on affected areas can prove beneficial in treating acne scars.

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