how can i clear my acne in 2 days

how can i clear my acne in 2 days

Will my acne clear within 2 weeks if I do this everyday? Drink 3 cups of green tea. Drink 8 glasses of water. Eat sweets very rarely. Use a clean pillow case every night. Take vitamins every morning. Use a face mask twice a week. Exfoliate twice a week. Put sudocrem on spots everynight. Use Dermalogica.
Update: I use an acne facial wash twice a day which is my Clean Start :)
Update 2: Thank you so much! :D x
i had acne VERY badly but now it has subsided due to good skin care. i still get breakouts if i stop taking good care of my face. 

heres my daily facial routine. 
wake up-- 
1:wash face with a gentle oil free face wash use as warm of water as you can. 
2: splash my face with COLD water for 30 seconds to snap my pores shut! 
3: apply a very gentle OIL FREE face lotion. 
only use this if you think your skin is drying out to much. 
4: then i apply a little bit of make up to cover my red splotches. [note: im a girl] 

night time--- 
1: wash you face with the gentle cleanser 
2: use a astringent if you want to 
3: Exfoliate your face with granulated sugar and lemon juice. 
(the sugar exfoliates and the lemon juice makes you skin soft) 

other face care: 
1:if you can splash your face with cold water several times a day 
2:once a week run crisco and olive oil all over your face and let it soak in... wash it off so it dont cloge poes. (this makes you skin baby butt soft) 
3: eat less oils. e.g. french fries other deep fried foods. basically dont eat fast food. 
4: if you put a towel over your pillow when you sleep this helps... (it soaks up oils in your face instead of smearing them) 
5: for the ones you have put ice then for about a minute a piece.--> before bed GOB neosporine on them-->when you wake up ice them some more... 
[this is a one day pimple remedy] 

hope i helped. 
this is what i do and i have good skin now. 
i have had acne since 11 and now im 15 =] 
acne free for about 6 months.

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