Natural acne remedies?

Natural acne remedies?

Ok so I have oily skin and small red pimples but there's quite a few of them. I've been prescribed acne medicines by my dermatologist but they have made be extremely sick after taking them and the next options are either birth control or Acutane which will probably mess me up even more. So I was wondering what natural things I could take for my acne. Right now I'm using a tea tree oil face wash and emu oil. I also use a clay mask. What would you recommend?
Ok, a walk down memory lane here for me. 

As a teenager, in junior high school (what they call middle school now), I had a very fair complection, while a lot of kids were troubled my acne. How proud I was of myself! Only to realize in high school, that I was merely a "late bloomer". From the 10th grade onward, I had a major problem with acne. 

My acne problem followed me into my college daze. But, it was here that I received the absolute best advice of my life, about fighting acne...and it came from a business professor! 

One day in class, we were talking about marketing issues and the subject of selling soap came up. We discussed some of the commercials we often saw on TV, including the commericals (back then) for Irish Spring deodorant soap. The prof. then mentioned that deodorant soaps are sometimes unhealthy for the body, because they kill the "good germs" that live on our skin. This was the FIRST time I had ever heard of such a thing. For the past 4 years I had been using all manner of soaps and cleansers on my face to try to kill the dreaded acne. 

Starting that day, I stopped using all soaps and cleaners. Yes, I too had (and still have) somewhat oily skin, but instead of scrubbing and washing my face with ANY soaps, I just started washing and rinsing my face MORE OFTEN using PLAIN WATER. The result? Within a week the majority of my acne had cleared-up. I still got the occassional pimple, but it was nothing like the proverbial pizza face problem that I had before. 

Some years later I was actually able to find evidence about the so-called good bacteria that lives on our face. There are things call macrophages that are a bacteria that live on our skin...that eat the other more harmful bactria that cause acne. Do a websearch and see for yourself. 

So, my advice? Stop using soaps and cleansers. Wash your face with plain water as often as possible (like once every two hours), and see if this makes a meaningful difference. If it does...I send you the bill for my experct medical advice.

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